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John Garey Fitness & Pilates is the leader in Group Fitness Programming.  We offer 150 classes per week at all times of the day, with a variety of class formats, full and express classes, and multiple pricing options to fit your needs.  Our top notch instructors teach you in our designated, state-of-the-art rooms to provide workouts that are fun, challenging, and results oriented. 

Listed below are our specific class formats.


Our Cardio classes will keep you jumping, sweating and smiling from start to finish.  We specialize in killing Kcals!  You will never get bored because we offer a large variety of classes.  And remember, Cardio exercise improves your cardio-respiratory system, so you'll look great and feel great. 

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Class-Page-HIIT-150X150High Intensity Interval Training

Action packed classes designed to strengthen your cardio-respiratory system and burn hundreds of calories.  Intervals of high and low intensity work make the classes super challenging and fun.  Our instructors emphasize proper form and technique throughout the workout.  You'll experience significant improvements with less chance of overtraining or injury.

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Class-page-Lower-Intensity-photo150X150Lower Intensity Training

The perfect workouts for those who are looking for less intense classes that focus on core strength, mobility, and balance. These classes are also a great way to recover from high-intensity workouts either after a high intensity class or as part of a recovery day between higher intensity workout days.

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Our Strength Classes use a variety of innovative equipment (TRX, Tubing, Medicine Balls, Swiss Balls, BOSU's, Dumbbells and more) to help you increase muscle strength, tone and / or size.  Our expert instructors will guide you through challenging and fun workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals.  

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Class-Main-Page-Total-Barre-150X150Total Barre

Our unique take on this hot new workout trend incorporates traditional ballet barre work with other disciplines to challenge your entire body and improve strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance to give you that long, lean dancer look.  Class formats include Total Barre Endurance, Total Barre Sculpt, Total Barre Intense and Total Barre Modified.

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With an awesome sound system, special lighting, ceiling fans and AC, we are the best Cycling facility in town.  Our instructors are both Cycling and Cycling Certified. We are the only facility in LA to have the Cycling Program.  Ride on new Spinner Blade ION™ bikes that track speed, power, distance, time, calorie burn and heart rate. 

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Class-Main-Page-Pilates-Mat-150X150Group Pilates Mat

Mat classes improve strength, flexibility, and coordination.  These classes are perfect for those who want to improve posture. We emphasize core strength, ideal alignment and muscle balance of all the joints of the body. Mat classes stand alone as a great workout, or are a great compliment to other workouts. 

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Class-Main-Page-Group-Reformer150x150Group Pilates Reformer/Equipment

We offer 40 Group Reformer Classes per week, more than any other facility in LA. Our instructors are STOTT PILATES Certified.  Our classes include the Pilates Chair as well as small pilates equipment. This ultimate, mind-body workout includes strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Our classes range from beginner to advanced.

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Current Special Offers

  • Unlimited Pilates Classes
    Unlimited Pilates Classes

    Intro Offer: Unlimited Pilates Classes – 2 weeks for $59

  • Need some private attention?
    Need some private attention?

    Intro Offer: Private Pilates & Personal Training – 3 for $75

  • Fit Desk Appointment
    Fit Desk Appointment

    Free 20 minute goal-setting & fitness program planning meeting.

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