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Group Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat classes are a great complement to any exercise program.  Matwork helps increase body awareness, improve posture and balance, strengthen the core, and help you to achieve that long lean look.  Our Pilates Mat classes are offered in both our Loft Space and in our Group Fitness Room. Our variety of Pilates Mat class formats will keep you motivated and help you achieve the best results. We highly recommend cross training - practicing Pilates Mat along with different fitness formats throughout your week for the best results. 

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Featuring STOTT PILATES®, the contemporary approach, matwork classes are a great way to incorporate full body strength, flexibility and coordination into your routine. Regular practice will result in better body awareness, improved posture, and a strengthened core.  Variations and modifications are given for all levels and abilities. This is a full-body workout, with an emphasis on toning the mid-section.

PilatesMat-AC-150X150Pilates Mat AC

Pilates Mat AC (Athletic Conditioning) combines traditional mat work with athletic movements using resistance equipment to increase strength-work for the whole body.  Dynamic movement sequences that use the body's own weight against gravity, guarantee ultimate strength and stability. Focus on form and proper technique as well as progressions make this a class for all levels.

Adv-Mat-150X150Pilates Mat Advanced

This class will challenge and improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. Achieving the best results in Advanced Mat requires great body awareness and control. Taking our other formats on a regular basis will help you prepare for this dynamic workout. Pilates Mat Advanced is a fast paced, challenging workout. You must complete at least 20 Pilates Mat classes prior to joining. Ask your instructor if you are ready for advanced work.   

zenga-mat-150X150Zen•ga Mat

Zen•ga Mat fuses various disciplines including Pilates and Yoga to focus on core stability, stamina and resilience while attaining a state of presence. The increased demand on your neuromuscular system allows you to reap the benefits of improved strength, clarity and overall fitness. All levels are welcome.

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