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Group Pilates Reformer

We offer 48 Group Pilates Equipment classes every week at all times of the day.  And we offer a variety of formats to keep you motivated and give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. We highly recommend cross training (working out with different class formats throughout the week). Our dedicated Group Pilates Reformer Room features 10 STOTT PILATES® Reformers, 10 STOTT PILATES Stability Chairs™, and a variety of small apparatus and attachments for the Reformers. A free Group Reformer Orientation is required prior to participation in any of our Group Pilates Reformer Classes.

Reformer OrientationReformer Orientation

This introductory session is required before joining our Reformer based classes. You'll learn how to adjust the STOTT PILATES* Reformer for your body to get the most out of your workouts. You’ll also learn the Basic Principles and some Essential Reformer exercises. Be sure to wear your workout gear. No shoes please, but socks are optional. Group Orientations are free with your Pilates Membership or when you purchase any package of Reformer Sessions and may be taken more than once.

Reformer Pure

This essential level class is perfect for those who are just beginning their Pilates journey, but it's also great for those who want to perfect the basic exercises. You'll increase your body awareness,  strengthen the core, increase range of motion, and balance the muscles around the joints to create better posture. You'll work on all of the essential exercises and learn how to apply the Basic Principles throughout for safe and effective workouts.  All levels welcome. 

Reformer-AC-150X150Reformer AC

This unique and challenging class is open to all levels. AC stands for Athletic Conditioning using both the Reformer and Chair. AC classes are designed to increase strength, mobility, and endurance.  This format is ideal for athletes and those coming to Pilates from traditional fitness workouts. Fast-paced, loads of fun, with emphasis on safe and effective full body exercises, this workout will train your body from the inside out. All levels welcome.


This class combines traditional essential and intermediate Pilates Reformer and Chair exercises for a full body workout that strengthens, tones, and mobilizes.  It's perfect for improving your posture, strengthening your core, and bringing balance and stability to all of the joints of your body. You'll look great and feel great!  All levels welcome, but we strongly recommend that you take Pilates Pure classes prior to joining Reformer+.

Advanced-Reformer-Photo-150X150Reformer Advanced

This advanced level Reformer and Chair workout will challenge those who have mastered the essential and intermediate level exercises. This intense and fast paced workout challenges strength, flexibility, and coordination to take you to a new level of fitness. At least 20 Reformer+ classes are required prior to joining.  Please ask your regular instructor if you are ready to join an advanced class.  Once approved, we'll add the ability to sign up for these classes to your account.

Zenga-Reformer-photo-150X150Zen•ga Reformer

Zen•ga Reformer offers a unique blend of the foundational principles of both Yoga and STOTT PILATES®, creating an innovative fusion workout that focuses on clarity of the mind, core strength and stability, stamina, and resilience.  Holding postures against the spring-loaded resistance of the Reformer allows engagement of every muscle, heightened body awareness, and enhanced mind-body connection. We recommend taking Pilates Pure classes prior to joining, but all levels are welcome.


This fun and calorie burning reformer class is low impact and high intensity. Jumping against the Jumpboard (or Cardio-Tramp Rebounder) while lying down allows for back support, and focuses on hip, knee, and ankle alignment. Using springs rather than body weight for resistance allows you to safely control the amount of impact and challenge. Intervals of jumping are mixed with Pilates Reformer and Chair exercises for a great cross-training workout. All levels welcome. 

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