Lower Intensity


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Lower Intensity

The perfect workouts for those who are looking for less intense classes that focus on core strength, mobility, and balance. These classes are also a great way to recover from high-intensity workouts either after a high intensity class or as part of a recovery day between higher intensity workout days.

Regular classes are 50 minutes in length and express classes are 25 minutes in length.

Express-Stretch-150X150Express Stretch

This 25 minute dynamic stretch class will help restore the normal length to your tight muscles.  This is a great class as a recovery to a challenging day or workout.  You'll use blocks, straps, bands and rollers to help you get those tight spots released and feeling awesome. 

Class-Main-Page-Stretch-150X150Stretch Class

Stretching increases mobility and flexibility. It aids in the recovery of sore muscles and improves joint mobility. Stretching may also improve sport performance. JG Stretch Classes include static and dynamic stretching, and foam rolling for myofascial release.


L.I.F.T. (Low Impact Functional Training) is designed for anyone wanting a great low intensity workout. This is a perfect workout for the older adult as well. This class will increase muscle strength and help increase bone density through resistance training for the whole body. Exercises designed to improve balance and aid in fall prevention are an integral part of the program as well as exercises to increase mobility and flexibility. 

zenga-mat-150X150Zen•ga Mat

Zen•ga Mat fuses various disciplines including Pilates and Yoga to focus on core stability, stamina and resilience while attaining a state of presence. The increased demand on your neuromuscular system allows you to reap the benefits of improved strength, clarity and overall fitness. Mobility and flexibility of the joints is also focused on in this 'feel good' class.  All levels are welcome.

Reformer-Pure-150X150Reformer Pure

This essential level Pilates Reformer class is great for those who are beginning the JG Pilates Program. It's also a perfect low intensity class to add to your overall fitness program. Using this one incredible piece of pilates equipment, the Reformer, you'll strengthen the core, increase range of motion, and create better posture. All levels welcome. An orientation is required prior to joining any of our pilates equipment classes.

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