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We challenge you to jump into one of our cardio classes and not smile (while you sweat, of course)! Cardio exercise increases heart rate and respiration, and it makes you happy.   It involves the continuous rhythmic movement of large muscle groups. Cardio-respiratory exercise is a great way to burn calories and improve your health.

We designed our Cardio based classes for maximum benefit and maximum fun. Our instructors are all certified and can change most movements to accommodate specific client issues or goals. Combine cardio classes with strength or other classes, and get the best results in the least time.

Regular JG classes are 50 minutes long.  All of our Express classes are 25 minutes long.

Cardio Page-Cardio HIITPhoto-150X150Cardio HIIT

Cardio High Intensity Interval Training is an amazing high energy workout. Jamming music boosts intervals of challenging, but simple moves.  Then catch your breath during brief low intensity recovery periods.  Prepare to sweat a lot! This is the ultimate calorie burning workout. Fitness shoes required.  Towel and water highly recommended.

Fitness TrampolineFitness Trampoline

Cardio, strength, and core work - all using the trampoline!  Our Jumpsport® Fitness Trampolines have a large landing surface and use elastic cords instead of springs, which feels amazing while jumping.  This is a low impact workout, but not low intensity.  You'll be dripping with sweat, but with a big smile on your face the entire class. Fitness shoes required.  Towel and water highly recommended.

Trampoline Hiit 150X150Trampoline HIIT

Our Trampoline HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class centers around the Fitness Trampoline.  You'll do intervals of high intensity cardio work on the Fitness Trampoline followed by short intervals of strength work.  Take your endurance to the next level by "jumping" into this high energy class featuring great music from today and yesterday!  Fitness shoes required. Towel and water highly recommended. 

Express-TrampolineExpress Trampoline

This is our 25 minute version of our Fitness Trampoline Class.  Perfect for those with limited time, those who want to take multiple classes for variety, and for those who are new to the format. Fitness shoes required.  Towel and water highly recommended.

Cardio Page Spinpower-150X150Cycling

Cycling is an awesome new program by Cycling.  All of our instructors are Cycling and Cycling Certified.  Our Spinner Blade ION bikes, measure power output to accurately measure work and calorie burn.  The bikes also measure distance, speed, time, and heart rate. You'll work smarter than ever with our new program.  Our pedals take both regular fitness shoes and cycling shoes with SPD clips.  

Express-Spinpower-150X150Express Cycling

This is our 25 minute version of our Cycling Class.  Our express classes are perfect for clients who are new to the format.   They're also great for clients who like to cross train and want to take multiple formats in a short amount of time.  And they're perfect for those who have limited time.  Our pedals take both regular fitness shoes and cycling shoes with SPD clips.  Towel and water are highly recommended. 


IndoRow is a full body, low impact, cardio workout.  It's fun. It's easy to learn and most of all it's an amazing workout.  You'll burn tons of calories, sculpt your muscles, and strengthen your posture muscles, and legs.  Our IndoRow program is designed to bring fun into your workouts.  All of our instructors are IndoRow certified.

Express Row

Our 25-minute Express Row is a great way to introduce yourself to this fabulous cardio workout.  It's just enough time to get a great workout in and learn the skills and technique to make you a great rower.   We recommend our Express classes to our new clients and to those who want to combine one, two or three classes in a session.  Rowing is a great full body exercise and it's low impact as well.  This is great for strengthening the legs and the posture muscles.

Spin / Row

This 45-minute combo, circuit class puts two favorites together in one workout.  Cycling and IndoRow are a great compliment to each other, and together give you a full body cardio workout like no other.  You'll begin on either the Spin Bike or the Rower and half way through the workout, switch.  You'll do skills and drills, experience both row and cycle races, and have tons of fun - all while burning loads of calories. 

Spinpower-SHREDSpin / Row / Trampoline

The ultimate 45 minutes cardio-circuit class, Spin / Row / Tramp combines three super high energy exercises into one incredibly fun workout.  We dare you to take this amazing class and not smile!  It's so fun, you'll forget how hard you're working which means you'll just work harder.  You'll move from a Spin Bike to a Rower to a Trampolne in groups of five people for a terrific small group feeling.   

Spin / Row / Strength

This 45 minutes combo class, includes cardio and strength.  Using a Spin Bike and a Rower, you'll get a great cardio workout.  You'll also use tubing and medicine balls to get a full body strength workout in.  This class is packed with fun and is perfect for those that love to be challenged and enjoy circuit training.  

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