Small Group Programs

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Small Group Programs

Small Group Training is a great way to achieve your ultimate fitness goals.  Our programs are designed to target areas of fitness that we know our clients are working on such as high intensity fitness programs, advanced Pilates programs, advanced strength training clinics, and pre and post natal workouts.  The groups are limited in number of participants so you can get the personal attention you want, but also have the community and team atmosphere that motivates you.  The small group workshops have a start and end date to help keep you on track so that you achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.  

Summer Shred with John

Get ready for Summer with our newest program, Summer Shred. Get expert coaching with John Garey, including nutrition guidance, body sculpting workouts, measurements and more. You'll be ready just in time for Summer.

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Kelly's Athletic Training Camp

Kelly's Athletic Training Camp is best described as an extremely intense 8-week fitness program. Participants with a long history of taking their health and fitness seriously and those who’ve made the conscious decision to make their health, fitness and well-being a top priority stand to gain the maximum benefits with Kelly's workshop. 

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Todd-Strength-150X150Todd's Strength Clinic

Intense strength clinic designed to make you stronger and leaner to look your BEST! Each session will focus on a different muscle group. Small group – 10 people / session.

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Beach-Body-150X150Beach Body Clinic

Look your best at the beach this summer and all year round with the 8-week Bikini Body Clinic!  The group meets 3 times a week and each participant has an additional 25-minute private 'tune up' session each week to focus on individual target areas.

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