Private Pilates

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Private Pilates

Our Private Pilates Training sessions take place in our beautiful, designated corner space.  The Pilates Private Training Room features every type of Premiere Brand STOTT PILATES®, including three V2Max Plus Reformers, one Rehab V2Max Plus Reformer, one Cadillac, two Spring Walls, two Stability Chairs, two Ladder Barrels, two Spine Correctors, four Arc Barrels, two TRX Suspension Training Units, and a variety of other small apparatus for a fun, varied and challenging workout every time. 

Our STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors will tailor your sessions based upon your individual goals, needs, and abilities to help you achieve or exceed your goals as quickly and safely as practical. A critical element of STOTT PILATES certification is that instructors learn modifications and variations for each exercise to ensure a safe and effective workout for people with any level of fitness and any variety of physical limitations or conditions.

Private Pilates Training sessions are typically 50 minutes in duration, but 25 minute “express” private sessions are also available. Private Pilates Training Sessions are available by appointment only.  Call (562) 430-3006 to set up your appointment, or stop by our Front Desk.

Private-Pilates-150X150Private Pilates

Private sessions are one of the best ways to achieve your goals quickly and effectively.  Our expert STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors will tailor your program to meet you specific goals.  Whether you're an elite athlete, or coming back from an injury or illness, Pilates is a great way to improve your fitness level.  Private Pilates Sessions are by appointment only, so contact the Front Desk at (562) 430-3006 today to schedule.

Private-Pilates-Express-150X150Express Private Pilates

Our 25 minute Express Private Pilates session is perfect for those with limited time.  It's also great for those who like to combine sessions with different formats (cross-training).  These sessions are by appointment only, so please call (562) 430-3006 to schedule your session with one of our expert instructors.

Semi-Private-Pilates-150X150Semi-Private Pilates

Semi-Private Pilates sessions work best when both participants are at about the same level and / or have the same goals.  Our expert instructors will put together the perfect program.  This is perfect for friends or couples who want the motivation of having someone to work out with, but want the extra attention from the instructor that smaller groups allow.  By appointment only.  Please call (562) 430-3006 to set up your session.

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