Personal Training

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Personal Training

John Garey Fitness & Pilates features a designated Personal Training and Small Group Training Room that is state of the art. Our specialized equipment includes a multi-station Jungle Gym, Monkey Bars, Squat Racks , TRX Suspension Training™ units, a Freemotion™ cable machine, a large variety of dumbbells, fitness bands and tubing, BOSUs™, stability balls, heavy rope, pull up bar, multiple benches, and more!

Our Personal Trainers have extensive training, education and certifications with the top education providers in the country. Our trainers specialize in “Functional Training”, which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life.  Functional training features exercises that mimic natural movements, by combining strength, balance, and core in a way that typically leads to better muscular balance and joint stability. These exercises tend to engage the stabilizers and peripheral muscles in a way that standard resistance training machines do not.

Private training sessions are typically 50 minutes in duration, but 25 minute “express” private sessions are also available. Private Training Sessions are available by appointment only.

PersonalTraining150X150Personal Training

Personal Training is one of the most effective ways to achieve your desired fitness results!  Our  expert certified trainers will develop a tailored workout program that takes into consideration your personal fitness goals, needs, and abilities.  You'll work out in our state of the art Personal Training Room with the best equipment available to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Personal Training sessions are by appointment.  Call (562) 430-3006 to get started today. 

Express-Personal-TrainerExpress Personal Training

This 25 minute session is perfect for those with limited time.  It's also perfect for those who want to do multiple sessions with different emphasis - for example, do a personal training session and then jump into a Cycling class or an Express Stretch Class.  These sessions are by appointment, so call (562) 430-3006 and get started.

Semi-Private-PT-150Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-Private Training Sessions are perfect for couples or friends that want a more individualized attention than in a group class environment or who have similar specific goals and objectives for training. Semi-Privates are scheduled at your convenience and offer additional savings over Private training.   Call (562) 430-3006 to schedule an appointment.

Trio-Personal-Training-150X150Trio Personal Training

Trio Personal Training (3 people) is a cost effective way to get more personalized attention then in a group class setting and works best when the participants have similar levels of fitness and / or similar goals. If you've got a couple of friends you'd like to train with contact us and train with the most diverse team of expert Fitness and Pilates Trainers in Long Beach. Call (562) 430-3006 to set up an appointment.

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