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Strength training uses resistance tools such as tubing, weights, and medicine balls to increase the strength, anaerobic power, and tone or size of muscles. Increased strength will help improve stamina for daily activities, recover more quickly from injuries, burn calories more efficiently and effectively, and create your ideal body and look. 

If you're looking to increase your strength, we have a multitude of classes from which to choose. We recommend cross-training as the most effective and efficient way to meet your fitness goals. Combined with cardio exercise, high intensity workouts, and flexibility training, strength training is part of a complete fitness program. So combine the exercises on this page with our other pages for great results.


This action-packed class consists of intervals of intense strength training that will sculpt and strengthen your entire body. Equipment such as Medicine Balls, TRX, BOSU Balance Trainers, Dumbbells, and Resistance Tubing are used to challenge your strength, core, and balance. All levels welcome. Athletic shoes required.

TRX-150by150TRX® +

This kick-butt strength training class uses the TRX suspension training system. There is little to no impact in this workout, but be prepared to sweat! You'll work arms, legs and core to get an awesome total body workout!  The ‘+’ stands for ‘plus’ other fitness tools along with the TRX such as the BOSU, Stability Ball, Weights, Tubing, etc. All levels welcome. Athletic shoes required.

TRX-Small-150X150Express TRX®

Born in the U.S. Navy SEALS, Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. This 25 minute class uses the TRX plus a variety of other fitness equipment to increase strength and sculpt your body. You'll be amazed at all of the exercises you can do with this simple piece of equipment.  All levels welcome. Athletic shoes required.

Express-SculptExpress Sculpt 

This 25 minute action packed class is designed to strengthen you from head to toe.  You'll use a variety of equipment including Med Balls, TRX, Weights, and Tubing to give you an express ticket to a great body.  This is the perfect format for those with limited time and for those who want to take multiple class with different formats (cross training).  Fitness shoes required. Be sure to bring a towel and water.

Express Sculpt - Legs and Abs

In just 25 minutes, you'll work every muscle in the lower body and core. This fast paced express class is designed to pack in as many exercises as possible focusing on the quads, glutes, calves, hamstrings, abs and more. The perfect format for those who have limited time and for those who want to take multiple classes with different formats. Fitness shoes required. Towel and water recommended.

Express-Sculpt-upper-body-smallExpress Sculpt - Upper Body

This 25 minute express workout focuses on exercises to increase strength and power of all of the muscle groups of the upper body including chest, shoulders, back and arms.  You'll also spend some time focusing on the abs.  This high intensity strength class will use weights, tubing, medicine balls, TRX and more.  Fitness shoes required.  Water and a towel highly recommended.  

Reformer-AC-150X150Reformer AC

This unique and challenging Pilates Equipment class is open to all levels. Reformer AC (Athletic Conditioning) uses the Reformer and Pilates Chair with unique exercises, designed by John Garey, that will improve strength and power with simple but challenging movement patterns.  This is a great introduction to Pilates for those who are athletes or come from a traditional fitness background.  An orientation is required before joining any Group Pilates Equipment Class.  

Pilates Mat AC

Pilates Mat AC (Athletic Conditioning) combines traditional mat-work with athletic movements to increase strength for the whole body, with a special emphasis on the core muscles.  Using special equipment, as well as your body's own weight against gravity, you'll increase strength and stability. Focus on form and proper technique with progressions provided makes this a class for all levels.

Adv-Mat-150X150Pilates Mat Advanced

This class will challenge and improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. Achieving the best results in Advanced Mat requires great body awareness and control.  Taking our other formats on a regular basis will help you prepare for this dynamic workout. Pilates Mat Advanced is a fast paced, challenging workout.  You must complete at least 20 Pilates Mat classes prior to joining.  Ask your instructor if you are ready for advanced work.   

Total-Barre-Sculpt-150X150Total Barre Sculpt

This class combines Barre work with Pilates mat-work to sculpt the entire body.  By adding resistance tubing and light weights, you'll increase strength and then cross train with rhythmic movements to challenge coordination.  This class focuses on toning the whole body.  Our barre classes are held in our Barre Loft.  No shoes for this class, but be sure to bring a towel and water.

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