Where Do I Start?

How To Becoming the Pilates Instructor You Aim to Be:

LiveMetta Pilates Education has helped thousands of Pilates enthusiasts successfully realize their dream of becoming a Pilates instructor and achieve STOTT PILATES Certification. We’d love to do the same for you!

LiveMetta Pilates Education is the only STOTT PILATES Licensed Training Center in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County and provides an extensive range of year-round Pilates teacher training courses.  Led by some of the most experienced Instructor Trainers in the area, our Pilates teacher training offers high-quality instruction to help you become the very best Pilates instructor you can be.

Where to Start – Our Free Consultation:

As you explore how to become a Pilates instructor, we recommend you start a free consultation with our Education Coordinator.  During this call we will give you an overview of the entire process, answer any questions you might have, and get you excited about embarking on this journey with us! Fill our the application form, call us at (562) 512-6005 or email us at to get started!

The LiveMetta STOTT PILATES® Process:

For STOTT PILATES® Full Certification or Certification for a Specific Apparatus (modules)

  • Step 1 (optional): Functional Anatomy 101: Attend our Functional Anatomy 101 course.  This is particularly helpful if you have not studied much anatomy.  The STOTT PILATES method is very anatomically focused, so a baseline knowledge of Anatomy will be a HUGE help.
  • Step 2:  Intensive Reformer OR Intensive Mat Plus:  Examine whether you want to initially focus on Intensive Mat Plus or Intensive Reformer training based on your preference and course start time that is most convenient. 
  • Step 3: Continue with Level 1 Courses:  Continue with Intensive Mat Plus or Intensive Reformer (depending on which one you did not take in step one), Intensive Cadillac, Intensive Chair, our Intensive Barrels as independent modules or as part of your Full Certification Track.  You can become certified in any of the apparatuses independently.
  • Step 4:  Complete Level 2 Courses:  Move on to your Level 2 training by taking Advanced Courses, focusing on Injuries & Special Populations, and taking your Certification Exam.
  • Step 5: STOTT PILATES Certification Exam Test Preparation: We offer “LiveMetta On Track,” which is a test preparation course designed to get you ready for your STOTT PILATES examination.  It is a very thorough review that will put you in the best position possible to pass your exam with flying colors.
  • Step 6: Congrats!  Welcome the great news that you successfully passed your exam and are officially a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor!!!
  • Step 7: Start Your Career in Pilates:  We offer all graduates of our program an audition to teach at any of our 5 Pilates studios located in Long Beach, Newport Beach, Tustin, Orange, and Laguna Niguel.  We can also match you up with other studios in the LA area or elsewhere in Orange County.  We deeply want you to succeed and we will do everything we can to set you up for a fulfilling career.

Our comprehensive range of teacher training programs are well organized and intense to ensure you are as successful.  Our knowledgeable Support Team is here to help you navigate your way to becoming a great Pilates instructor. Our team will offer guidance and support throughout your training and will help you achieve your goals, and even assist with job placement.

We understand it may feel confusing as you explore how to become a Pilates instructor but rest assured, we are here to help! Contact us anytime during this process for personal guidance and advice or with any questions about courses, process or certification. Call us at (562) 512-6005 or email us at with any questions.