Kelly’s Athletic Training Camp

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Kelly's Athletic Training Camp

Next Session Starts September 6, 2016

Get the Results You Want in weeks, not years.

Kelly's Athletic Training Camp is best described as an extremely intense 4-week or 8-week fitness program. Participants with a long history of taking their health and fitness seriously and those who’ve made the conscious decision to make their health, fitness and well-being a top priority stand to gain the maximum benefits with Kelly's workshop. 

Kelly Curtis, your coach, will provide coaching, nutrition tips, and will do body composition measurements on all participants at the beginning and end of the program.

Kelly is looking for a few dedicated individuals to complete their roster of serious athletes for her program starting June 7, 2016 and running for 4 weeks. Everyone’s welcome to join and you’ll have at least one thing in common with everyone else; we all consider our health and welfare to be top priorities and staying physically and mentally fit with the proper workout programs goes a long way toward accomplishing that goal.

Kelly's Athletic Training Camp!

Next session starts September 6 and ends September 30: 
4 weeks
Meets Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 6am-6:50am
Fee: $240 (just $20 per workout)
Limited to 8 participants.

If you just can't wait and you're interested in jumping into the current session, please contact the Front Desk.

Call the Front Desk to Register today! (562) 430-3006

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