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Who should subscribe to John Garey TV?

John Garey TV is designed for Fitness and Pilates Instructors and enthusiasts. It's a perfect site for anyone who wants to learn perfect form, how and why we do what we do with each exercise, and how to combine exercises for safe, effective and fun workouts.

What do I get with my John Garey TV subscription?

You get access to our searchable library including the "Exercise Demo," "Workshop," and "Workouts & Classes" videos. You'll also be able to download PDFs of notes for "Workshop" exercises and "Workouts & Classes" classes.

Members also have access to "The John Garey Show", our full eBook, "Moving From Good To Great - A Fitness and Pilates Instructor Guide To Being The Best,"  and a variety of workshops.

What is the mission of John Garey TV?

Our mission is to make fitness fun.  Fun to teach and fun to do.  We aim to inspire you to keep learning, always program with a purpose, and to have fun while training clients or working out.