STOTT PILATES® Lumbo-Pelvic Region: Equipment Programming for Stability & Function

Injuries to the lower back are a concern for a large number of adults and a challenge for exercise professionals. In this lecture/demo-style workshop, developed by the programming team at Merrithew, learn how specially-designed Pilates equipment can be ideal for working with clients in a post-rehabilitative environment. First, review the normal functioning of the lumbo-pelvic region relating to the lumbar spine, pelvis and hip, and discuss common abnormal or dysfunctional patterns resulting from injury or disease. Then observe how the Reformer, Stability Chair and Cadillac can be used to strengthen involved musculature from the deepest layers to the more superficial muscles. Learn specific exercises to create strength and stability that will allow daily functionality and improved performance overall.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand optimal function and movement patterns of lumbo-pelvic region
  2. Review anatomy, ideal movements and associated muscular involvement
  3. Understand common dysfunctions and how they affect daily performance
  4. Learn exercises on a variety of large and small equipment to optimize lumbo-pelvic function

Equipment used in this workshop

  • 1 Pilates Mat
  • 1 Flex-Band®
  • 1 Fitness Circle®
  • 1 7.5″ Mini Stability Ball (blue)
  • Foam Cushion ‘C’ (optional, based on availability)
  • Rotational Disks
    (10″ or 12″, 1 pair)
  • 1 Foam Roller
  • 1 Arc Barrel
  • 1 Foam Cushion ‘A’
  • 1 Foam Cushion ‘B’
  • 1 Stability Ball
  • Stability Cushions (1 pair)
  • Toning Balls (1 pair)
  • 1 BOSU®* balance trainer
  • 1 Spine Supporter
  • 1 Reformer (Pro, Rehab, V2 Max Plus etc.)
  • 1 Padded Platform Extender
  • 1 Reformer Box
  • 1 Maple Pole
  • 1 Gripper Mat
  • Double Loop Straps (1 pair)
  • 1 or more of Jumpboard, Cardio-Tramp, Rotational Diskboard
  • Foam-Grip Handles (1 pair)
  • Extension Straps
    (1 pair, if not included with Reformer)
  • 1 Cadillac / Trapeze table
  • 1 Split-Pedal Stability Chair
  • 1 Ladder Barrel
  • 1 Spine Corrector
  • 1 Pilates Edge
  • 1 Spring Wall
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