*NEW* STOTT PILATES® Centered Strength with the Flex-Band® – ONLINE ONLY

Get centered with one of our most versatile and convenient small props. Developed by the Merrithew® team, this Flex-Band® workout promises to challenge peripheral strength, mobility and coordination, utilizing the Flex-Band as a constraint and as a guide and focus for movement. The programming draws from functional movements, as well as the STOTT PILATES repertoire, and is designed to complement workout programs at an Essential-Intermediate level. Experience unique ways to engage and load the neuro-myofascial system.

Learning objectives

  1. Reinforce functional movement patterns in conjunction with select exercises from the STOTT PILATES Movement System
  2. Explore the concept of variable loading and challenge asymmetrical support and feedback in supine, seated and standing positions
  3. Reference numerous neuro-myofascial slings and continuities and heighten these relationships with unique positioning of the Flex-Band
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